Truck Driver Appreciation Week

DAW is an annual event dedicated to recognizing the hard work and significant contributions of truck drivers to the economy and everyday life. Celebrated during the second week of September, this week-long observance is organized by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and various industry partners.

During Truck Driver Appreciation Week, the vital role that truck drivers play in maintaining the supply chain and ensuring the delivery of goods across the country is highlighted. With over 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States, these individuals are responsible for transporting everything from food and medical supplies to electronics and building materials.

How We Support Truck Drivers

We are excited to extend an invitation for you to participate in this meaningful event. This week is dedicated to recognizing the tireless efforts of truck drivers who keep our supply chains moving and our economy thriving.

The Idaho Trucking Association (ITA) is organizing our special program to provide gift bags to truck drivers at various points of entry across the state. To ensure a fair and impactful distribution, we collect sponsorships and donations and divide them equally among different regions in Idaho.

How You Can Help

Donation Opportunities:

Monetary Donations:    Help cover the cost of food, beverages, and event logistics.
In-Kind Donations:       Contribute food, beverages, or other goods for the event.
Promotional Support:   Assist with promoting the event through your networks and platforms.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Event Setup, Gather gift bags, shop for gifts and treats 
Welcome drivers, hand out appreciation gifts

Seeking Volunteers

We are seeking volunteers in the following regions of Idaho to assist with the distribution of gift bags:

  • Southwestern Idaho
  • South Central Idaho
  • Eastern Idaho

What You’ll Do

  • Coordinate Arrangements: Work with our central team to organize the logistics for gift bag distribution in your area.
  • Prepare Gift Bags: Assist in assembling gift bags with the provided items, ensuring each bag is packed with care.
  • Hand Out Gift Bags: Distribute gift bags to truck drivers at designated points of entry, offering a warm thank you and engaging with the drivers.

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