The truck driving championship is a prestigious event that celebrates the most skilled and talented truck drivers from Idaho. The competition is fierce, with drivers showcasing their abilities in a range of challenging competitions including written test, pre-trip inspections and the skills course. A select few have risen to the top, proving themselves to be the very best in the field. These champions have earned the respect and admiration of their peers and the trucking community.

Step Van

1st Place : Cameron Taylor

2nd Place : Ronald Harwood Jr

3rd Place : Tyler Wilson

Straight Truck

1st place : Bill Nolan

2nd Place : Joshua Jetton


3 Axle

1st place : Ben Scholes

2nd Place : Miguel ArtigaPerez

3rd Place : Kevin Winn

4 Axle

1st place : Adam Heim

2nd Place : Nate Wojicik

3rd Place : Brandon Killian

5 Axle

1st place : Kolton Schultz

2nd Place : Darrell Tollman

3rd Place : Matthew Housley

Flat Bed

1st place : Ken Hust

2nd Place : Kaden Schultz

3rd Place : Elliot Fuller

Sleeper Berth

1st place : Jakob Bourgoin

2nd Place : Carl Suttey

3rd Place : David Shattuck

Tank Truck

1st place : Curtis Smith

2nd Place : Khristopher Kecskes

3rd Place : Michael Heiner

Twin Trailers

1st place : Beau Bonds

2nd Place : Scott Scheuffele

3rd Place : Mark VanBlaricom

Rookie of the Year

Nate Wojicik

Idaho Grand Champion

Adam Heim